Dr. June Knight

Dr. June Knight is a specialist on corporate communications, social media, corporations (ministry) media, and communication implementation. Dr. June has served ministries and businesses all over the world to achieve their goals. She has promoted, enhanced, trained, educated, prayed and partnered with many ministries across this country over the past seven years of full time ministry.

Dr. June’s Education:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations at Austin Peay State University
• Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications at APSU
• One year of studies at World Harvest Bible College
• Doctor of Theology at International Miracle Institute

While in Graduate School at APSU, Dr. June studied in London (Winter 2011/2012) and studied under the top three global marketing/advertising/communication firms in the world. She wrote a 20-page research paper comparing how the United Kingdom markets a product versus the United States. Dr. June completed the class with a grade of 100! Following graduation, Dr. June turned that paper into her first book, Mark of the Beast.

Dr. June has written eleven books and owns a publishing company – TreeHouse Publishers. She also is the President and CEO of We are the Bride Ministries which includes: WATB.tv, WATB Radio, and WATB Intercessory Prayer. She is a TV and Radio Host and is hosting one television show: BRIDE TIME LIVE.

Dr. June’s heart is UNITY in the Bride of Christ. Her goal is to close the gap on communications within the Bride through radio, television, social media and publishing. She understands the importance of communicating your vision so that others may understand and engage. Her greatest gift is evaluating businesses and ministries on how they are communicating the vision that God has given them. Dr. June then provides strategies and input into how they may be successful with their mission on Earth.

The Lord sent her across the country in 2017 on the MAGA Revival Tour:

God did it! He took her across 36 states, 18,000 miles on a six month national tour!

Hear the Story:

God fulfilled that mission,then wrote four more books, The American Quad. Following, the Lord told her it was time to move to Washington DC. She arrived on September 13th, visited the White House on the 14th, then came back home to prepare a proposal for the government. Now she has moved here permanently October 9, 2018. Dr. June lived there a year, served in the White House in the Press Corps for WATB.tv and experienced many wonderful things. Now, she’s in solitude writing books about what she discovered in Washington. This is completing The American Quad books.

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