#BAM #InYoFaceDevil Bible Study – Numbers 1-5


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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Numbers 1-5

03-20-18 – Dr. June examines the first five chapters of the Book of Numbers.  This is an amazing book! It continually shows how God is so meticulous and specific.  We are learning Bride that God wants to lead His people down the right path! He tells Moses how to do everything! Remember how He did with Joseph because Joseph remained pure? He told him everything and was with him through all his suffering. He’s done the same with Noah and Moses. It’s so amazing how God split up all the tribes and even told Moses who will be the Captain over each tribe! God even told Moses where the tribe will be set up around the tabernacle! LOL. Then God set apart Levi tribe to be His own! God did not want them numbered because God owns them Himself!  He picked this tribe to manage and take care of His tabernacle!  We also learned how God had mercy upon Aaron because remember God killed two of his sons for the STRANGE FIRE episode…so God gave him ALL the children of Levi! Wow! Aaron’s family just got way bigger! Then we learned that if a husband gets jealous of his wife, whether he knows if she cheated or not…that he brings her in front of Aaron and is then sat down in front of God!  She has to drink this mixture and if her stomach swells and her thigh basically rots off, then everyone will know she was a whore and cheated! You can’t make this stuff up! Amazing! We are blessed now that Jesus died for us and became the lamb! WOW!


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