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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Numbers 6-11

03-21-18 – This Bible Study has been amazing! We learned how God still led Moses’ every move! God was so visible to the Children of Israel that when they moved the tent from place to place that they were led by the cloud and fire. When the fire was over the tent (God was in there)…they could not move it! In the meantime, the Children of Israel rested! Then, when the cloud lifted, then they all knew it was time to move! The sad thing is when the COI complained and it made God very angry! They complained about eating only manna. They wanted meat (solid food). So, they complained to Moses and then Moses complained to God about the burden being too much on him (well it should be, it was over 600,000 people! If not a million! So, God gave him 70 elders and spread out Moses’ anointing on them. Some of them prophesied as soon as they were consecrated! Powerful! Then, there was a showdown between God and Moses!

Moses was like, “How are you going to bring enough meat here for all these people?”
God – “Is my arm too short? Watch me sucker!” LOL

Next day a wind appears and brings tons of quaill out of the ocean! There was so much quail that it just piled up all around the camp. The COI basically gorged themself. (This was after God told them in His anger to go ahead and eat all they want until it comes out their nostrils!)

They did!

God got mad and cursed them with a plague for not being satisfied with His provision! Ouch! How many of us have complained in our wilderness? In our suffering? God forgive us! Good stuff!




http://biblecentre.org/content.php?mode=7&item=899  – Different Leviticus Offerings:

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