Day #11 – 01/11/18

Idol #11 – Idol of “Social Justice”

Idol #11 – We repent for the church partnering with ungodly organizations & agendas in order to help with social justice when God has a plan for the church to deal with social justice HIS way. His way does not include partnering with doctrines of devils. Social Justice is a term used today to lure the church into an ungodly agenda and it’s Humanism and the Spirit of Antichrist. The church must not be lured into humanity’s way of dealing with the hurting. God specifically tells us how to deal with the hurting.

Thus, this has brought racial divides within the church. When people look at the suffering of certain races & organizations, they turn on their own God and precepts such as forgiveness, holiness, humbleness, mercy, grace, love, etc., because their eyes have so focused on the suffering and the injustice taking place instead of on their own hearts and they are being filled with hatred and bitterness at what they are seeing.

In this hour we cannot look at the suffering or hurting and cause us to ACT IN THE ARM OF THE FLESH. We must follow God’s precepts, laws and His Word through ALL the suffering!

So, we repent for partnering with other organizations, putting allegiances to race and creed over God’s laws & wishes. We put our own agendas and families, neighbors, and friend’s sufferings above what God says about the matter…THUS WE HAVE MADE OUR OWN RACE, CREED, OR BELIEF AN IDOL OVER GOD. Thus, we REPENT.

— feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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