Day #13 – 01/13/18

Idol #13 – Idol of “Illuminati & Spirit of Antichrist”

Idol #13 – So appropriate this is the god on the thirteenth day because it is the god of the world in operation against Gods kingdom. The Spirit of Antichrist and Illuminati work together to destroy the advancement of the kingdom of heaven. How? They exalt a person and grant them all their worldly desires based upon the god of self. The Illuminati is a group that controls the world’s communication gates such as music, entertainment, news, etc. They control the agenda the world takes in partnership with the Spirit of Antichrist. They have mind control etc once they control you. People will literally sign their soul over for power, fame, and fortune. They will elevate you and your dream, ministry, career, etc and allow you to do your hearts desire, but when the time comes, they use you to turn those masses that follow you to their Satanic agenda. Many ministers have partnered with this group and you will see their symbols on their stages, logos and in their events.

We repent for selling our soul for self-exaltation in this world. We repent for partnering with this spirit. We renounce it: reject it: and turn from our wicked ways!

This also works with the Masons/Freemason agenda. It’s the god of self and pride of life.#40daysrepent

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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