Day #16 – 01/16/18

Idol #16 – Idol of “Elitism & Cliques/Tribes”

Idol #16 – We repent on behalf of the church modeling the Masons and other Elitists groups where they try to put people into groups and alienate others. God hates cliques. God forgive us for pushing ideologies where we alienate people based upon “THEY’RE TOXIC, JEZEBELS, other colors, etc”. God forgive us for not choosing servanthood, forgiveness, and others above ourselves. Forgive us for being high-minded and prideful and arrogant. Forgive us Lord for judging others based upon their material things and possessions. Forgive us for manipulating your people based upon money or duty or creed. Forgive us for preferring one another over others who are not “good enough’. You want us Lord to train others, raise them up, lead them, encourage them and help them THROUGH THE MESS. Help us Lord to encourage others and to not exclude them when it comes to matters of the Lord. Forgive us for racism where we judge others based upon the color of their skins and we form allegiances to our own kind and exclude other colors because of the prejudices we have formed in our own hearts. This is a root of bitterness that can be bred in ANY race. Help us Lord to come OUT of places that have SPECIFIC preferences on the doorposts of the location or organization to where it would exclude others in the Body of Christ. Forgive us for forming these organizations based upon an elitism agenda (like the Masons do). #40daysrepent

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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