Day #20 – 01/20/18

Idol #20 – Idol of “People Pleaser”

Idol #20 – We are officially halfway through! Yay! Today we are repenting on behalf of the church picking man over God. We repent for bowing to the will of man and the crowd over God’s word. We repent for making a god out of pleasing our own self! We care more about our image and what other’s think than preaching the word of God in power and obeying the Lord. We repent for looking at man’s eyes and approval of mankind versus God’s approval. Also people-pleasing has given power to all the spirits of manipulation to have their way with the body of Christ for man’s agenda. We repent for greediness and the spirit of witchcraft operating in this idol. We do not want to be like the politician in the Bible who washed his hands of Jesus’ death because he wanted to please the crowd more than his conscious. Help us Lord to please you only.#GodPleasers #40daysrepent

Look what this website says about people pleasers:
How to Get Beyond the People-Pleasing Trap
by Ed Rowell

The roots of people-pleasing
There are very few people who truly don’t care what other people think about them. Why is it that we want so desperately to please people?

We learn as small children that pleasing others brings rewards. If I clean up my plate, Mom will praise me and give me dessert. If I bring home good grades, I may be rewarded.
That cause-and-effect behavior carries over to adulthood. If I stay late and finish a report on time, the boss will remember my dedication come promotion time. If I help my wife with the dishes or bathe the kids, she will be more relaxed and inclined toward intimacy at bedtime.
At some point, a healthy desire to see people we love experience joy gives way to something unhealthy. We all are tempted at some point to do things we know are wrong in order to be liked.

A child steals, drinks, or smokes to gain approval from her peers.
A pastor neglects his family to please his parishioners.
An ad executive approves a commercial that blatantly misrepresents the product in order to please a client.
Pleasing those we love is rewarding, and this may not be wrong in and of itself. But pleasing God is a higher calling and much more fulfilling. We are headed for trouble when our desire to please people and gain their approval becomes as important as pleasing God and sensing his approval.

Four perils of people-pleasing
Being a people-pleaser will affect your relationship with God.
Being a people-pleaser will affect your ability to make good decisions.
Being a people-pleaser can make people uncomfortable around you.
Being a people-pleaser will wear you out.
Two vital truths for the people-pleaser
Not everyone will love me.
Those who do love me will never love me the way I crave to be loved.
No person can feed that insatiable appetite. But God can.

The only real freedom for people-pleasers comes from understanding and experiencing security in our relationship with God and who we are in Christ.

People-pleasers live in fear that others will learn of their past failures, mistakes, and shortcomings and therefore will choose not to love them. We are all haunted occasionally by a painful episode from the past that humiliates and embarrasses us. If only we could wipe the slate clean and become something more than our lifetime accumulation of sin and failure.

The truth is that we have a clean slate from which to go forward with life. Since we are God’s children, all that is his becomes ours. We have all the resources of God’s kingdom available to us. And as Jesus’ friends, we have the possibility of developing the greatest relationship we can ever know.

Ephesians 1:7-8 summarizes what this means: “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.”

Once we are secure in our relationship with God and understand the implications of that relationship, we seek to know how we can please him. Jesus explained to his disciples that loving God was demonstrated by obeying God (John 14:21).

Ed Rowell is lead pastor of Tri-Lakes Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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