Day #21 – 01/21/18

Idol #21 – Idol of “Neglecting Our Families”

Idol #21 – Today we repent for neglecting the family unit and pursuing other things instead. We repent for the fathers and mothers who have walked away from their family responsibilities. We repent for putting our careers above the family. We repent for putting our ministries above family. We repent for putting our own selves above the family. We repent on behalf of the nation’s actions to tear apart the family unit. We repent for not valuing and respecting the family unit the way you created it to be. We repent for not managing our time right and neglecting the very thing that God gave us. Forgive us Lord for not training up our children in the way they should go. Forgive us for not teaching forgiveness or being examples of love and forgiveness to our children. Heal our families in this nation Lord. Heal the family unit. Forgive us for cross-dressing, homosexuality, pornography, adultery, transgender, not identifying with their gender, bestiality, sex trafficking our own children, etc. Forgive us Lord for bringing perversion into the equation in our families thus breaking up the family unit. God heal our families and our land. Give us more love. #40daysrepent

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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