Day #22 – 01/22/18

Idol #22 – Idol of “Our Possessions”

Idol #22 – Today we repent on behalf of the Body of Christ seeking after possessions and material gain. We reject theology which would cause us to lust after worldly things when God says if you love this world MORE than you love me then you’re not worthy of the kingdom. If you love the world….this means material things too. Nothing we have is ours. NOTHING. It’s ALL God’s. We cannot have the THINGS in our hearts like we OWN them. God OWNS them. If He wants them back, then He can ask us to give it away or something else. We must be willing to LET GO at anytime when God requires. When we use our material things to flaunt and press down the poor because we HAVE these things, then woe unto us. Are we greedy? Do we share? Do we have a generous spirit? Are we a hoarder? It’s MINE, MINE, AND ALL MINE! This is a sin.

We repent Lord for allowing material things to rule us. We repent for placing our identity in the new things. We place our worth on Earth upon THINGS. We judge others due to THEIR THINGS. We rise up in pride because we HAVE and judge the HAVE NOTS. We see the needs of others and do not help because we do not want to share. Your word says that if we have it within our power to help and we don’t, then we will be held accountable for that. We do recognize it’s all based on obedience. You may not tell us to give a person something…but IF YOU DO and they ignore your wooing, then it’s a god to us. It’s an idol. Forgive us for this Lord.

Forgive us for preferring others above people because of their material possessions. Forgive us for giving them the best seat in the house, both in the church and in our hearts. Help us to get our priorities in order.

Help us Lord to SEE the less fortunate. Help us go to the homeless shelters and streets to love on those that don’t have material possessions. Maybe they choose not to be ruled by material things, who knows. But, help us to love them IN THEIR LACK.

Anything we refuse to release is an idol to us. Help us to have hearts to release and let go when you tell us to. You want a Bride that you can use as CONDUITS so that you can help the needy. Help us to come out of our selfish ways and over-the-top prosperity thinking to where we think we are not blessed until we get MORE MORE MORE. It’s not in the material things Lord. It’s in the beauty of you everyday like being able to breathe again, the birds, our families, our richness in relationship with you. We identify ourselves in YOU – not our material things.
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