Day #23 – 01/23/18

Idol #23 – Idol of “Our Own Image/Self”

Idol #23 –

Today we are focusing on the god we have created out of our own self. We have become the #selfie generation and the #allaboutme people. We have built ministries around building the person UP and elevating the man instead of encouraging the man to go LOW in servanthood and to DIE to his flesh & become more like Christ. We have become so ME focused that a new type of church is arising called THE EMERGENT CHURCH to where it does nothing but build UP YOUR FLESH and tickle ears. God help the church.

Considering the self idol, we repent Lord for worrying more about our own image than obeying you in this hour. We are worried about being rejected by man by standing up for truth and we repent for this. Help us Lord to not care about what men think about us over what you think.

Help us Lord to use our social media to be witnesses for you and not our sexy looks, tattoos, our beautiful face, body, our possessions, etc. Help us to draw attention to you and away from us. Help us to be shining lights and beacons to the world and when they see our virtual self – it will send them to you.

Help us Lord not to be vain. Help us to see that we are full of pride and needing affirmation from man. We repent of this. We repent of causing others to stumble based upon our vainness. We want to be salt to people.

Help the Bride to know that we must represent YOUR IMAGE and not our own. Yes, people see our faces, but it must be MORE OF YOU THAT THEY SEE AND NOT OURSELVES/FLESH. How do you know the difference? Does the picture have lust on it? pride? Or, can they see Jesus shining through?

Many of our profile pics is a sure sign of where a person’s heart is. What IMAGE are they reflecting to the world? Help us to REFLECT yours Lord.


 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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