Day #24 – 01/24/18

Idol #24 – Idol of “Witchcraft & Occult”

Idol #24 – Lord we repent for bringing Occultic things, symbols, TV shows, movies, kids games, etc., into our homes. Please forgive us for partnering with the culture and allowing our children to read such things as Harry Potter and that going in our children’s spirits for eternity. Forgive us Lord for slacking as stewards of our children. Help us to shut the door to the enemy at ALL gates and not allow him in.

Lord forgive us for bringing Occultic things in our churches. Forgive us for bringing ideas created by Satan into our sanctuaries and using them as tactics to win souls. We do NOT have to partner with Satan to win souls. This is ludicrous. Forgive us of this treachery! Forgive us for tainting the alters of the church by bringing in unholy things and displaying that for the world to see. Forgive our churches for entertaining demons.

Forgive the Body of Christ for dabbling with witchcraft and the occult. Forgive us for trying to manipulate people and pastors to get our way. The Bible says that manipulation is AS THE sin of witchcraft. Forgive us for this Lord. Forgive us for touching the unclean thing when we bring in New Age and ungodly practices such as grave sucking, etc. Forgive us for all this mess.

Forgive us for wearing crystals around our necks, getting tattoos with satanic images on them, wearing clothing displaying satanic images, etc. Heal us God from all offenses done to you by messing with witchcraft and the occult. We repent today. Cleanse your Bride and help her to not touch the unclean thing! #40daysrepent

Also Lord, help your Bride to STAND UP AND LEAVE when they are somewhere that does these offenses. Help them to stand up for righteousness and not participate with mixing with the devil. Help them to be bold and courageous. In Jesus’ name.

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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