Day #25 – 01/25/18

Idol #25 – Idol of “Co-Dependence on the Government”

Idol #25 – Lord forgive us, the Body of Christ, for being co-dependent on the government for our provision. We have latched on to the beast to take care of us for food, housing, clothing, money, etc. God help us to not have the GOVERNMENT as our idol. The government is not our provider, YOU ARE LORD.

God forgive us for raising children to LIE AND SAY THEY HAVE A DISABILITY so that they can getmoney from the government the rest of their life and health insurance. Forgive us for frauding the government by lying to get all these provisions. You say in your word that all LIARS will not go to heaven.

Lord forgive us for causing others to feel that they NEED the government because the church quit loving their neighbors and helping to take care of houses. We neglected our communities and thus caused them to be dependent upon the government. Lord, we repent for that.

Lord, if the economy crashes and the government is not there to provide…the Bride MUST KNOW that YOU ARE THEIR PROVIDER! Lord, help her to break free NOW so that she will learn to be CODEPENDENT UPON YOU. You are our provider! If you will take care of the lilies of the field, then you will take care of us!

So, forgive our churches too for LYING TO GET GRANTS! CHURCHES LYING TO THE GOVERNMENT OR MANIPULATING THE GOVERNMENT TO GET MONEY. God forgive us for this lying devil and greed we have done!

Forgive us Lord for manipulating the government in anyway trying to get them to take care of us. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT OWE US ANYTHING. WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFRAUD THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE THEY DID US WRONG IN THE PAST. We trust in God, forgive the government and detach from the beast! We CUT THAT UMBILICAL CORD IN THE SPIRIT RIGHT NOW IN JESUS’ NAME!

Lord we break that soul-tie and marriage bed we have created with this entity! We renounce our allegiance for provision!
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 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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