Day #28 – 01/28/18

Idol #28 – Idol of “Pharmakeia & Drugs”

Idol #28 – Lord we repent for leaning upon drugs to heal our broken hearts and ailment FIRST before we seek your face about it. Forgive us for leaving our first love. Forgive us for trusting in man-made products before we even seek you for help and relief. We lean upon the drugs because our hearts are hurting and we want to COAT or HIDE our pain. This has become an idol to us Lord and this is atEPIDEMIC LEVELS in our country. God please forgive us for finding satisfaction and relief in medicine and drugs.

Lord, forgive the church for not loving our neighbors and being involved in their lives s loving thy neighbors. Help us Lord to take care of our communities again and go OUT in the Great Commission.

Lord, forgive us for smuggling drugs in this country. Forgive us for destroying families with this activity. Forgive us for all the suicides and deaths that have taken place through this tragic epidemic. Forgive our doctors who see people getting addicted to certain prescription drugs and they still prescribe them due to the kickback they get on these drugs. Forgive us for this corruption in our country.

Heal us Lord and help us to lean upon you as our first love and not drugs.

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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