Day #29 – 01/29/18

Idol #29 – Idol of “Numbers & Statistics”

Idol #29 – Lord we repent for being SO FOCUSED on the numbers in our congregation, groups, meetings, organizations, who’s watching on Facebook and social media, how many LIKE’s and FOLLOW’s we have, etc. Forgive us for TRUSTING OUR EYES instead of the assignment! Forgive us for comparing ourselves to other people and thus not appreciating the AMOUNT THAT YOU PLACED IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. Forgive us for being disappointed when it’s only a few or a few hundred, etc. Help us Lord to have appreciative hearts when it comes to ANY ASSIGNMENT YOU GIVE US! Help us to obey you mainly for the AUDIENCE OF ONE. We love you Lord and know that YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WILL PAY THE BILL.

*****************GOD’S WILL. GOD’S BILL!**********************
***********WHERE HE GUIDES, HE PROVIDES!***************

Forgive us for not trusting you to provide thus we do and partner with ungodly associations to build our own kingdom and leave your heart, your calling, your will and your guidelines. We are so worried about how OUR REPUTATION will look when we KNOW that it’s not about us! It’s about you and your calling. Forgive us for not trusting you to provide for our ministries and callings.


 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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