Day #35 – 02/04/18

Idol #35 – Idol of “Sports Worship”

Idol #35 – Today we repent for worship of sports in our nation and in the church. It has become an idol to us and we literally shut down church doors and put this before God. We will host Superbowl parties within the church and do away with services. Thus, we repent for bowing the church’s schedules around worldly events and for sports.

Charles Spurgeon said the following in a sermon in 1863:

O ye sons of men, think not that God is blind. He can perceive the idols in your hearts; He understands what be the secret things that your souls lust after; He searches your heart, He tries your reins; beware lest He find you sacrificing to strange gods, for His anger will smoke against you, and His jealousy will be stirred. O ye that worship not God, the God of Israel, who give Him not dominion over your whole soul, and live not to His honor, repent ye of your idolatry, seek mercy through the blood of Jesus, and provoke not the Lord to jealousy any more. [1]

We also repent for the National Football League and what they have done before God this year. We are boycotting today’s event of the NFL Superbowl to repent to God on behalf of our football players who have hijacked the sports industry to try to make a point and thus displaying a BLATANT DISRESPECT TO GOD AND THIS NATION AND THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES by bowing to Baal and kneeling during the national anthem. This display publicly before the nation’s eyes is a grave error and idol worship. The ones that kneel worship their their love of sports more than they do honoring God and the United States.

Our group will do a LIVE radio broadcast today at 5:30 p.m. when the Superbowl starts, and we will STAND to the National Anthem & say the Pledge of Allegiance to God and Country. We will repent, renounce, and reject this idol today and present this before God to heal our nation.

We pray the NFL consider moving the Superbowl to another day other than Sundays, which are set apart for the worship of God. The NFL association has taken the position that they will not ask the players to honor the country, thus, we will repent before God for the blatant disrespect of God and nation by this organization. This is a serious matter because of the magnitude of this event.

Also, we will repent for the events that will take place at halftime. The majority of the time the halftime show is used to be a show of idol worship. We renounce this practice. God help our nation. Please see our press release –
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We can also idolize the players too much –

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