Day #36 – 02/05/18

Idol #36 – Idol of “Politically Correct Society – Non-Truth”

Idol #36 – Today we repent for the SPIRIT of POLITICALLY CORRECT. This is a virus running through not only the Body of Christ, but through the nation. It is a TWISTING of the truth. It is a watering down and non-offensive. The word is offensive. The word divides. It’s meant to divide. The truth splits, it cuts, it is a sword. The Bible is a sword. This means that it cuts through the lies and presents TRUTH. When we tolerate, inclusive, and water down the gospel, it makes it of none affect.

So, God, please forgive us for watering down the truth. Forgive us for people-pleasing, culture-pleasing, and tolerating in order to make people’s flesh feel good. Help us Lord in all ministers in this country to speak the truth.

Forgive us for complacency and compromising with sin for ANY other motive. This is how the Ecumenical Movement and Emergent Church is making such headway, because we have compromised to death. Forgive us Lord for partnering with the unclean thing.

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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