Day #38 – 02/07/18

Idol #38 – Idol of “Our Homes/Buildings or Location”

Idol #38 – Lord we repent for putting buildings, houses and location above you. We will make this an idol because we refuse to give it up, share it with you, or use it to help the poor and our communities. Sometimes we will think so highly of ourselves that we will not allow the poor in. We will not use the beauty and blessing you gave us to help others. We will hoard it all to ourselves saying IT‘S MINE, MINE, AND ALL MINE! Like you showed us in your word yesterday in Luke 12. That attitude makes you furious. God help us to not to be stingy with our blessings but use it to bless others.

Lord helping the demonically oppressed and possessed people is messy and sometimes we do not want to bring that in our buildings. We think so highly of our buildings that we cannot “risk” bringing that in. Lord, forgive us for this mentality. Forgive us for having such abundance and when calamity hits, we cannot even use that to help dying people. Forgive us for this Lord.

Lord forgive us for not obeying you when you ask us to move into certain neighborhoods to minister and we refuse to obey you because we think we’re better than that. Forgive us for not wanting to leave our buildings, location or homes to obey you.

Forgive us Lord for assuming that we cannot experience you UNLESS we are in a building in a corporate atmosphere. Lord forgive us for comparing you to a building. You are EVERYWHERE. We can have church anyplace where two or more are gathered! We can have church in a tent, house, barn, etc. Forgive us for making buildings an idol.

Lord forgive us for putting our homes above family and You. We think so highly of our worldly possessions that we push family away and others because we are always “improving it” and do not make time for what really matters which is church, God and family. We can become so obsessed with looking better than the Jones’ that we neglect all the important things. Forgive us of this Lord.

Forgive us for putting material things above what really matters.


 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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