Day #39 – 02/08/18


Idol #39 – Lord forgive us for having an idol of perfection. We have a picture in our mind what normal looks like and it can be an idol as well! We judge people with disabilities because they don’t fit into our perfect world. We see them as less than perfect in our eyes because of what Hollywood and the Spirit of this World puts out there as perfect. We judge what GOD created as less than perfect because of our mind’s eye/image of perfection.

When we form this idol of perfection in our minds, then noone can meet up to your expectations of beauty and perfectness. We then judge God on not creating perfectly. We judge His creation as failures and lacking the blessings of God because they don’t fit our perfect idol impression in our minds (the idol). We must tear this impression and idol down in our minds and begin to see ALL of humans as beauty before the Lord.

In the church world we are really bad at seeing someone with a “challenge” and causing them to feel “less-than” because they either don’t have enough faith, their parents did something wrong, etc. Instead of us appreciating the DIVERSITY in this person’s challenges, we push them away because they are different. God doesn’t create anything by accident. In the church world we must cast this idol of perfection down and realize that God is diverse. He wants us to love ALL people even with their challenges.

Many people with disabilitiies hate coming to churches or meetings because all they do is look at them with “I feel sorry for you” looks and want to lay hands on them all the time and pray for them. Yes, they believe God for healing, but why not accept them and love them AS THEY ARE? God forgive us for making public specticles out of people with disabilities and carting them in front of cameras and putting them in the front of the room to make a “point”. Forgive us for not celebrating HOW GOD CAN USE THEM IN THAT SHAPE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO MAKE THEM PERFECT. MAYBE GOD WANTS TO SHOW OUT THROUGH THEIR DISABILITY LIKE HE DOES WITH NIC (the guy with no arms or legs). God uses him IN his imperfection.

Lord, please forgive our churches for shutting doors to people with challenges instead of trying to help those parents. Yes, we understand insurance and staffing issues, but to the churches who CAN open up departments for special needs and don’t because they don’t want to deal with the messiness (challenges), then God forgive us. Please help our churches to welcome all people regardless of challenges.

God please forgive your church for abandoning the call of casting out of demons. Many people are wreaked with sickness and mental illness by demons because the church is lacking in power. Please forgive us for not doing our jobs to relieve mankind as well.

Please forgive us Lord for putting you in a box with creation and trying to tell you what your humans should like like. You love all different types…like you do birds and animals. Some of them are born with disabilities as well and you love them too.


 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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