Day #40 – 02/09/18


Idol #40 – This is the BIGGEST idol of all in the Body of Christ having to do with leadership. Lord forgive us for making our own ministries and businesses an idol before you. We will spend so much time babying this seed and cultivating the seed that we leave out the Great Gardener. We leave you out because we’re so FOCUSED on the mission. We do not spend time with you like you want thus we havecreated an idol and put it before you. Forgive us.

Lord, we also put our visions that YOU have given us above our families as well. Please forgive us for abandoning and neglecting the family unit; which is the very thing that you have given us and the reason you created humanity. Forgive us for divorcing our spouses and continuing in ministry without slowing down or sitting down to consider the heart of God. God forgive us for moving FORWARD so quickly and leaving behind without seeking reconciliation, etc., especially when children are involved. Forgive our society for providing platforms and avenues for those that are freshly divorced so that they may consider what is taking place. Forgive us for putting ministry above YOU and the family unit.

God forgive us for holding on to our ministries and not letting go when you tell us to. Forgive us for not obeying You when you tell us to move to somewhere else. Forgive us for thinking we know more about OUR MINISTRY…when it’s really NOT OURS…it’s YOURS. Forgive us for hoarding the vision. Help us to come back to our first love, which is YOU Lord.

Today, on this 40th day, the LAST DAY, we lay DOWN our visions before the throne. Our businesses, ministries, organizations, groups, etc.; we lay it all down. We give them back to You instead of holding on to them so tight. Forgive us God for having our priorities in the wrong place.

 — at We Are The Bride.

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