Day #6 – 01/06/18

Idol #6 – Idol of “Preacher Pyramid”

Idol #6 – ????????Today we are repenting on behalf of the men and women of God who represent the Lord in this nation as pastors and want their congregation to serve their vision only and sit in the pew 50 years to not ever discover the vision of each person. This pattern is patterned after the Catholic Church because they like order and everything to follow their pyramid. Pastors are to be shepherds leading the flock to their destinies so that the kingdom as a whole can be advanced. Each person has a destiny and we will repent for the selfishness in the hearts of our own people and not allowing their people to discover their own destinies. Many churches have pushed out the prophetic and gifted people…much less people with disabilities etc.

The pyramid means one at top and everyone beneath them. This is one of the main reasons the Emergent Church has started. People are tired of that. They want to be free in Jesus and not bound.

This is not to put down pastors…this is to bring this sin to God.

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