Day #7 – 01/07/18

Idol #7 – Idol of “Entertainment vs. Worship”

Idol #7 – Today we are repenting On behalf of the body of Christ trading true worship of spirit and truth for entertainment and ungodly practices. We repent for bringing worldly music in that was designed by Satan to be used by Satan‘s purpose and bringing that in God‘s holy sanctuary. We have polluted the waters of the altar and we will repent of that today. We pray that God will send as an abundance of rain in the spirit towards our worship leaders in our country today. Some ministries have used the power of music to lure people in to a seductive agenda. We pray that they will not partner with other idols or partner with the kingdom of this world in our sanctuary.

We recognize that music is a tool that is very powerful and we pray that in the Churches we will fear the Lord concerning what we bring before the throne. He is Holy!

 — feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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