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Monday, June 25, 2018

Deuteronomy 12-16


Moses speaks to Israel: destroy other nations’ gods (including their high places). God is to be worshipped in a prescribed place (centralisation of worship). Bring offerings to the place God chooses. Spill blood and do not eat it. Do not follow other gods; disapproving reference to Molech worship, which involves burning children.


Moses speaks to Israel: commands regarding false gods, false worship, false prophets (a test from God), false miracles, and false dreams. The penalty for apostacy is stoning, even if the offender is a near relative. Apostate cities will be utterly destroyed.


Moses speaks to Israel: no shaving the front of your head as part of your mourning rituals (as the pagans do). A list of clean and unclean animals. The tithe is to be offered up in a prescribed place, and enjoyed in a ceremonial meal. If distance prevented the easy transport of the animals, they could exchange their tithe for money, and then use the money to tithe with when they came to the tabernacle (and later, the temple). Every third year, the tithe is for the nonlanded (Levites, aliens, fatherless, and widows).


Moses speaks to Israel: all debts cancelled after seven years. Be generous to the poor – do not refrain from lending because the Sabbath year approaches. Hebrew slaves to be released every seventh year, and not turned out empty-handed. The slave who wishes to continue serving will have his ear pierced with an awl. The firstborn of the herd or flock (if it does not have any defect) is to be sanctified to the Lord.


Moses speaks to Israel: observe the Passover and eat unleavened bread. Passover sacrifices must be at a prescribed place. Observe the Feast of Weeks, seven weeks after Passover, and Tabernacles, which is also a harvest festival. Appointed judges and officers must be impartial and not take bribes. Idol trees built next to altars are forbidden, as are pillars.

Thank you to http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/01/deuteronomy.html for the summaries!

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