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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Deuteronomy 17-21


Moses speaks to Israel: sacrifices are to be without blemish. Worship of false gods is punishable by stoning. Three witnesses are required for a capital offence. Higher courts of appeal are presided over by the Levites – it is a capital offence not to abide by their ruling. God will give Israel a king when they ask for one. The king shall not multiply horses (ie, have a huge army), or have many wives. The king will write out a copy of the law personally.


Moses speaks to Israel: the Lord is the inheritance of the Levites. From a typical sacrifice, the priests will receive the shoulder, the cheeks, and the stomach. All Levites have equal rights to the offerings. Canaanite occult practices and sacrifices (including the ritual burning of children) are forbidden. The Lord will raise up a prophet like Moses who must be obeyed. False prophets whose word does not come to pass must die.


Moses speaks to Israel: three cities of refuge are to be founded, centrally located and easily accessible. An example of manslaughter: a head coming off the handle of an axe and killing someone. When the Israelite territory expands, three more cities of refuge are to be created. People who commit premeditated murder are not allowed refuge. Removing your neighbours landmark is forbidden. Two or three witnesses are required for a prosecution. If a false witness is discovered, he shall have that done to him which he sought to do unto another. Eye for an eye.


Moses speaks to Israel: have military faith in the Lord. The priest will speak words of encouragement to those about to go into battle. The officers of Israelite army will send home all soldiers who have unfinished business at home: a home not dedicated, a vineyard not harvested, or an engaged woman not married. The fainthearted are also to be sent home. A (non-Israelite) city is to be offered the chance to be placed under tribute peacefully before battle is waged. If battle is waged, then all males are to be killed; the women, children and other spoils may be plundered freely. Canaanite cities, however, are to be completely destroyed. During a siege, trees that yield fruit are not to be cut down.


Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding sacrifices for murder-polluted land (a heifer has its neck broken, prayers). Captive women taken for wives must have their heads shaved, and be allowed to mourn for a month; they must not be treated brutally, and they must be set free rather than sold for money at a later stage if the husband does not delight in her. The younger son of a loved wife must not be favoured over the elder son of an unloved wife in terms of inheritance. A rebellious son will be stoned to death. Those whose bodies are mounted up on a tree must be cut down before nighttime.

Thank you to http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/01/deuteronomy.html for the summaries!

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