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August 4, 2018

Book of 1 Kings 1-5


David grows old, and is given Abishag for warmth. David does not know her. Adonijah, the son of David by Haggith, proclaims himself king. Adonijah invites his allies to a banquet. Key figures from David’s government (Zadok, Nathan and others) do not support Adonijah, however. Nathan tells Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon, to complain to David that Adonijah has made himself king. She does so, and Nathan confirms her words, saying that Adonijah has performed sacrifices and is being feted by the people. David arranges for Solomon to be anointed at Gihon, riding on a mule and accompanied by Zadok, Nathan and other prominent figures. Adonijah fears the news, and his guests are afraid. Adonijah submits to Solomon, and his life is spared.


David advises Solomon to maintain a Deuteronomic obedience to the Lord. The covenant is mentioned, though here it is much more conditional than before. David warns Solomon to kill Joab and Shime, but spare Barzillai. David dies: he had reigned seven years at Hebron, and thirty three at Jerusalem. Adonijah asks Bathsheba to petition Solomon for Abishag. Solomon sees this as a challenge to the throne, and has Adonijah executed. Abiathar the priest, who had supported Adonijah, is exiled: his life is spared on account of having helped David carry the ark. Zadok replaces Abiathar. Joab is killed because he had shed the innocent blood of Abner and Amasa. Solomon spares the life of Shimei, but tells him never to cross the Brook Kidron; many years later he does, and is killed.


Solomon makes an alliance with Egypt, and marries the Pharaoh’s daughter. Solomon sacrifices extravagantly at the high places. In a dream, Solomon asks for understanding to judge his people and discern good from evil. God blesses Solomon. Two women claim the same son as theirs (the accusation is that one mother had stolen the baby after her one had died). Solomon proposes to cut the child in two, whereupon the real mother gives way, and is thus identified as the real mother.


Solomon’s officials and governors are listed. Judah and Israel have peace and prosperity under Solomon’s rule. Solomon provides extravagantly for his own household. Political stability and peace, and a vast cavalry. Solomon is famed for his wisdom, wrote proverbs and songs, and was an expert on science and nature.


Solomon plans to build the temple to God. He asks Hiram king of Tyre for cedar wood from Lebanon. A huge labour force is amassed. Solomon and Hiram work together.

Commentary by: http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/02/1-kings.html

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