#BAM #InYoFaceDevil Bible Study – 2 Chronicles 32-36


w/Dr. June Knight

2 Chronicles 32-36

Today we discovered that God has expectations for his people. When the Kings surrendered to God they:
1. Gave up their idols
2. Tore down all the high places (got rid of the occult)
3. God hates pride and kings taking the glory
4. God wants to be included in the matters of the kings
5. The Kings of Israel mixed with culture and God did not like that. God calls the remnant to honor his precepts and laws. They are not ALLOWED TO MIX.


Sennacherib of Assyria has an arrogant speech delivered on the walls of Jerusalem and attacks Judah, but an angel strikes down every Assyrian man of valour. Hezekiah becomes sick, but is insufficiently grateful when his life is prolonged. Hezekiah acquires great wealth, builds an aquaduct, and shows Babylonian princes his treasures. Hezekiah dies.


Manasseh becomes king at the age of 12. He worships other gods, builds altars and an idol in the temple, and practises the occult. Manasseh is taken captive to Babylon, humbles himself before the Lord, and is restored to Jerusalem. Manasseh abolishes much idolatrous practice, and dies after 55 years. Amon reigns next – he does evil, reigns for two years, and is killed by his servants. Josiah is the next king.


Josiah reigns in Judah, and follows God. He abolishes idolatry, destroys the high places, and conducts raids against Israel. During the restoration of the temple, Hilkiah the high priest finds a book of law by Moses. Via Huldah the prophetess, God says that the curses in the book of law (the concluding curses of Deuteronomy?) will come to pass, because the inhabitants of Judah have been disobedient. Josiah is commended, however. Josiah publically reads the book of law to the leaders of Judah, and renews the covenant.


Josiah and Judah keep Passover in Jerusalem, providing the lambs for the lay people. There has no Passover similar since the days of Samuel. Josiah fights against Necho king of Egypt, who is travelling across Judah to assist the Assyrians against the Babylonians. Necho warns Josiah not to get pointlessly involved, but Josiah battles Necho at the battle of Megiddo, and is killed. Laments for Josiah are sung to this day.


Jehoahaz is dethroned by the Egyptians after three months. Egypt makes Jehoiakim king. Jehoiakim rules for eleven years, and is taken prisoner to Babylon. Jehoiachin does evil, reigns for three months and ten days, and is taken prisoner to Babylon, along with spoil from the temple. Zedekiah does evil, does not listen to Jeremiah and other prophets, and rebels against Babylon so Jerusalem is finally despoiled, the temple destroyed, and the people deported. The Jews were captive in Babylon for seventy years, until Cyrus king of Persia permits them to return and rebuild the temple.

Commentary by http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/02/2-chronicles.html

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