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August 8, 2018

Book of 2 Kings 6-8


The sons of the prophet go to build a bigger house for themselves. While cutting down a tree at the Jordan, an axe drops into the water. Elisha takes a stick, throws it in the water, and the axe floats. Elisha gives the king of Israel information from divinely inspired espionage, so the king of Syria conspires to kidnap him at Dothan. Elisha and Israel are protected by a mountain full of horses and chariots of fire. The Syrians are blinded and taken to Samaria – their lives are spared, but they do not raid Israel again. Samaria is later besieged by Ben-Hadad, and people resort to cannibalism. The king is angry at Elisha for this calamity, and seeks his head.


Elisha predicts that food will be cheaper the following day. Four leprous men surrender to the Syrian army – the Syrians have abandoned their camp, however, hearing the noises of chariots and horses. The lepers enjoy the abandoned food and wealth, then spread the good news. A officer who doubted Elisha’s prophecy is trampled to death.


The Shunammite woman whose son Elisha has restored to life leaves Israel for seven years, warned by Elisha to depart because of a famine. When she returns, she manages to reclaim her own land when Gehazi, who is dealing with her case, is told of all the wonderful things Elisha has done. Ben-Hadad becomes ill, and asks Hazael to consult Elisha as to whether he will recover. Elisha tells Hazael he will becomes the next king. Hazael kills Ban-Hadad. Jehoram follows Jehoshapat as king of Judah. He does evil. An Edomite rebellion started against Judah that continues to this day. Joram dies, and is replaced as king by Ahaziah, who reigns for one year. He does evil, and battles against Hazael of Syria. Ahaziah forms an anti-Syrian alliance with Joram of Israel after Joram is injured in battle against the Syrians at Ramah.

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