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August 9, 2018

Book of 2 Kings 9-11


Elisha calls a prophet’s son to anoint Jehu, son of Jehoshapat, king of Israel. The Lord intends to use Jehu as a tool of judgment against the house of Ahab. Jehu approaches Jezreel, where Joram king of Israel (son-in-law of Ahab and Jezebel) is recovering. Jehu kills Joram, whose body is dumped in Naboth’s vineyard. Jehu also kills the wicked king Ahaziah of Judah. Jehu also defenestrates Jezebel, whose body is eaten by dogs (fulfilling a previous prophecy).


Jehu bullies Jezreel into the killing of Ahab’s seventy sons. He also kills Ahaziah’s forty-two brothers. Jehu executes the remainder of Ahab’s family at Samaria. Jehu gathers all Baal worshippers in Israel and kills them. The golden calves remain at Bethel and Dan, however. Syria captures large parts of Israel’s territory. Jehu reigns 28 years, and is replaced by Jehoahaz.


Athaliah, the mother of Ahaziah, kills all the heirs of Ahaziah and reigns. Joash, the son of Ahaziah, is saved by Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram. After six years, Jehoiada reveals Joash, and has him proclaimed king when he is seven. Athaliah is killed at the orders of Jehoiada the priest. Baal worship is eliminated.

Commentary by http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/02/2-kings.html

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