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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Deuteronomy 22-26


Moses speaks to Israel: you must not hide away livestock or other property which your brother has lost. Transvestism not allowed. If the young of a nest are taken, the mother is not also to be taken. Rooves needs parapets. Four laws of separation: no sowing your vineyard with different kinds of seeds, no plowing with a donkey and an ox together, no wearing clothes of different materials, corners of clothing must have tassels on them (to distinguish from other peoples). In cases where a new wife is suspected of not being a virgin, the marital cloth would be presented to the elders, and be inspected for blood. If it is found she is a virgin, the man must marry her and may not divorce her; if she is not a virgin, she will be stoned to death. Both the man and the woman in an adulterous relationship will be condemned to death. If a man rapes a betrothed woman, he shall be stoned to death. The woman herself suffers no penalty. If a man rapes a woman who is not betrothed, he must pay money to the woman’s family, and marry her. A man shall not take his father’s wife.


Moses speaks to Israel: eunuchs are excluded from the congregation of Israel, and the illegitimate, down to the tenth generation, are excluded from the assembly (civil leadership). Ammonites and Moabites are to be excluded from the assembly, but Edomites (who are you brothers) and Egyptians are not. A man in a military camp who has a nocturnal emission must leave the camp and cleanse himself. Soldiers must carry shovels to bury their refuse. Israelites will provide asylum for foreign escaped slaves. Ritual prostitution disallowed; no bringing the wages of a harlot as an offering. Only foreigners must be charged interest on loans. Vows must be kept – it is not a sin not to make a vow.


Moses speaks to Israel: no remarrying a divorced wife. A man will not to required to go to war for the first year of his marriage. Do not take someone’s livelihood (eg a millstone) as a pledge. Kidnapped is forbidden. Break with outbreaks of leprosy according to the law. When a pledge was taken for a loan, it had to be received at the door of the man’s house, in a way that kept his poor man’s dignity. The pledge of a blanket or a sleeping garment must be returned to a poor man before nightfall. Poor workers must be paid daily. A person will be put to death for his own sin, not for that of a son or a father. You must be compassionate to the poor and fatherless, and leave gleanings for the poor.


Moses speaks to Israel: forty blows is the limit for corporal punishment. You shall not muzzle an ox that treads the grain. Levirate law: the brother of a married man who has died without children must marry her widow. If he does not, the widow may remove his sandals and spit in his face. If a woman gets involved in her husband’s fight and grabs someone by the genitals, her hand must be chopped off. Weights and measures must be just. The Amalekites must be completely destroyed.


Moses speaks to Israel: firstfruits must be offered in the prescribed place. Words of thanks are a summary of God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt. Prayers for the giving of tithes are also prescribed. Demand for complete obedience made; God proclaims that the Israelites are His special people.

Thank you to http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/01/deuteronomy.html for the summaries!

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