#BAM #InYoFaceDevil Bible Study – Ezra 7-10


w/Dr. June Knight

Ezra 7-10


Ezra (a skilled scribe, an Aaronic priest and descendant of Zadok) gains Artaxerxes’ favour, and returns from Babylon to Jerusalem. Artaxerxes commands Ezra to offer all the gold and silver found in Babylon for the temple. Ezra is also given the power to impose taxes, and enforce the Mosaic law. Ezra gives thanks.


Ezra (writing in the first person) provides a list of all those who accompanied him to Jerusalem. Ezra does not ask for a Persian escort, trusting in the Lord to protect them. Gifts to the temple are made.


Some Jews marry non-Jews. Writing in the first person, Ezra grieves, prays to God in front of people, confesses sins, humbles himself, and intercedes for Jews.


A meeting is held about Jews marrying foreign women. Shechaniah proposes a covenant to put away foreign wives. A period of mourning ensues, and the Jews confess their offence, agreeing to put away their wives. Each case of intermarriage is investigated over a period of three months. A list of the guilty is supplied.

Commentary by http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/02/2-chronicles.html

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