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August 2, 2018

Joshua 6-11

Joshua is taking the Children of Israel into the Promise Land. Moses just died and Joshua has the mantle.


Jericho shut up in defence. Lord tells Joshua that the army shall march silently round the walls for six days, led by seven priests carrying the ark and blowing trumpets; on the seventh day, the seven priests shall blow seven trumpets, and everyone will shout, and the walls will fall. The plan effected, and Jericho is utterly destroyed – only Rahab is spared. Gold and silver is taken, but nothing else. Joshua curses the man who would re-fortify Jericho.


Against the Lord’s orders, Achan takes some accursed things (which should have been utterly destroyed). Joshua sends spies up to Ai. They advise that two or three thousand alone can take it. In fact, Ai defeats the Israelites, and their courage fails. The Lord reveals the defeat is because someone has taken accursed things. The accursed things must be destroyed, and the guilty burnt to death. Achan confesses – he took a beautiful Babylonian garment, a wedge of gold, and some silver. Achan and his children are stoned and burnt. The Lord turns from the fierceness of his anger.


God commands Joshua to take city of Ai. Joshua leads Israel to capture, ambush and conquer Ai; 30,000 lead the ambush, destroying Ai by fire when its warriors are busy pursuing the Israelite army as they make an apparent retreat. The king of Ai is hanged on a tree until evening. Joshua builds an altar on Mount Ebal. Blessings are read from Mount Gerizim, and curses from Mount Ebal.


Kings west of Jordan join together to fight Israel. Gibeonites dress shabbily with torn wineskins and mouldy provisions, as if they have come a long way, and seek a covenant with Joshua. Joshua does so, without seeking the counsel of the Lord. When the deception is uncovered, they are compelled to let the Gibeonites live, because of the oath they made. Instead, Joshua makes them slaves to the Israelites.


Joshua comes from the camp at Gilgal to leads Israel against the forces of the southern kings of Jerusalem, Jarmuth, Lachish, Eglon, Hebron, Debir and others, when they attack Gibeon for its covenant with Israel. The Lord fights with the Israelites at Gibeon and kills the enemy with hailstones. The sun miraculously stands still during the battle. The five kings hide in a cave, then trapped by a large stone. When the kings are captured, Joshua commands his officers to place their feet on the kings’ necks. The kings are then killed, and hung from trees until evening. Their territories fall soon after.


Jabin king of Hazor with many kingdoms in the north fight against Israel; Joshua leads Israel in destroying these kingdoms, hamstringing the horses and burning the chariots. Victory is thus complete over both north and south Canaan.

Commentary by: http://biblesummarybychapter.blogspot.com/2011/01/joshua.html

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