#BAM #InYoFaceDevil Bible Study – Nehemiah 10-13


w/Dr. June Knight

Nehemiah 10-13


A lost of the people who sign ther covenant is given. Further laws to be obeyed: no selling of wares on the Sabbath, cancellation of debts every seven years, tithes and regulations concerning offerings and temple administration.


Leaders live in Jerusalem; of the rest, a tenth live in Jerusalem, and the rest in other cities. The distribution of people is decided by lot. Lists of people who stayed in Jerusalem, and a list of other towns and villages in Judah are given.


Records of priests, Levites and temple duties is given. The Jerusalem wall is dedicated with marching, music and sacrifice. People contribute to the temple.


The law is read. It is stipulated that no Ammonite or Moabite shall come into the temple, because Balak sought to curse them. Nehemiah journeys back to Persia; when he returns to Jerusalem, he is horrified to discover that Eliashib, the priest charged with managing the storerooms of the temple, had rented a room out in the temple courts to Tobiah. Tobiah is expelled. Nehemiah also realised that the Levites have not been granted their due portions, and that business is being conducted on the Sabbath. Nehemiah forbids the children of interracial marriages from marrying Jews. The son of Eliashib has become Sanballat’s son-in-law. Nehemiah cleanses Judan life from everything pagan, and asks God to remember him.