Niagara Falls Declaration from MAGA Revival Tour 2017

From the Desk of Dr. June Knight


We are the Bride Ministries

January 20, 2018




When I traveled the entire border of the United States praying at the border, the Lord gave me instructions prior to leaving. He instructed me to pray over six cities. He said three would be on the west side of the Mississippi River and three on the east side. See the following locations:

  • East Cities

    • Miami, Fl

    • Niagara Falls, NY

    • Pawtucket, RI

  • West Cities

    • New Orleans, LA

    • El Paso, TX

    • Jamestown, ND

Why God chose those cities, I do not know. However, He gave instructions per city (which will be in my upcoming book, THE AMERICAN EXPOSE’.   Today I found the word He gave me in a dream for Niagara Falls on July 12, 2017. He gave this to me in a dream in Columbus, OH on July 10, 2017. He instructed me in this dream that when I travel the rest of the tour (the last quarter), that I am to be led by Him only. He instructed me not to plan anything and said that He will lead me by the day. Well, He did. He led me daily by dreams.

In the dream about Niagara Falls, He instructed me to take my shoes off and plant my natural feet on the ground when I prophesied this!  I stood under a tree looking at the beautiful falls. The following is that word.

This is when I was at Niagara Falls at

4:00 a.m. on both the Canada side & American!

The Lord gave me this in a dream:

Niagara Falls is your next city

The Lord says to go to Niagara Falls plant your natural feet on the ground declare for the angels to open up the gates that the cleansing waters from the throne is coming to the church. I will expose sins and iniquities in the leadership . Corruption will be exposed. Judgment is coming to the house of the Lord. The church has muddied the waters of the alters so a cleansing is coming from the throne from one end of the nation to the other. And great fear of the Lord is coming to the church.

God wants his bride without spot in wrinkle and he must begin at the house of the Lord in the crystal-clear waters from the throne will purify the church is a mighty rushing wind. It will be muddy rushing waters as the waters flow off the cliff from Heaven down in a mighty rushing way is how the judgment will come to the church this next wave. Pray for revival of purity and holiness.

The church has blended with the world and change the waters of the altars will be cleansed through this wave.

As the mighty waters flow over this nation, it will wipe off the hard clay and the dirt and residue from the past and the hardshells will all be cleaned off to expose the beautiful Jewels and diamonds. This needs to happen you so that God’s light can shine to the world. This cleansing Will be of great magnitude. The mega to the minor will be exposed so the truth will reign in the nation. Pray for ministers for repentance in The church.

When you go to Niagara Falls you are to pray for the healing in the cleansing of the church. Exposing of the false and revealing of the truth.

Also pray for the government corruption the works of the enemy to be exposed in the government and that the healing Waters that is coming will heal our government from the president down. A great exposure of the fake and false will be revealed as the truth is exalted and elevated.

1. Call in the cleansing clear waters from the throne to flow over nation from one into the other exposing every corruption and false idol.
2. Dispatch the angels to open up the gates from the throne and the waters to pour and flow over the nation for money and to the other for judgment to come to the house of the Lord first and reveal the false and elevate the truth!
3. Pray against the sexual perversion in the nation and where perversion in the church by mix in the world in with the altars of purity and that God would cleanse the hearts of his people and bring revival of purity
4. Pray for cleansing of our government from President Trump to all his cabinet and all leaders in authority that the mighty rushing waters coming from the throne would remove any person that would operate against the will of the kingdom of heaven and that purity righteousness and justice would rule in our government
5. Pray for the land of America to be cleansed in this great washing and revealing of the nation and that it would remove the impurities out of her soil then justices of the past the blood that cries out to God

From MAGA Revival Tour in Columbus Ohio on July 12, 2017.

My thoughts on this on January 20, 2018 –   Since releasing this declaration, it’s amazing what has happened in the government with exposures!  This also confirms the words of judgment for this year.


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