Superbowl Press Release


40 Day National Prayer Initiative January 1 – February 9, 2018
We are the Bride Ministries Dr. June Knight – President


Team Boycotts NFL to Cast Down Idol of Sports Worship in the Nation

& To STAND for the National Anthem & Pledge of Allegiance

We are the Bride Ministries is sounding the Clarion Call to the Christians to come together in unity and take a stand against the idol that is erected in our country of sports worship. On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. CST, the  eleven member prayer team will lead the nation in this boycott through WATB Radio at and on social media channels.

For forty days this team is praying to God about 40 idols that the church (Body of Christ) have transgressed before God. They only have six days left on this mission. On day number 35, this team will ask that Christians take a stand against this idol in our nation and protest the 2018 Superbowl. We will STAND in unity and play the national anthem and in unison say the Pledge of Allegiance with all listeners. This team feels that when football players take a knee at a national football game that it is disrespectful to God and our nation because God blessed us with this nation. We will partner with President Trump in his quest to bring honor back to our nation’s flag and anthem.

In addition to the protest against the league’s stance on allowing the players to disrespect our country, this team feels that the NFL needs to find another day to host the Superbowl and remove it from Sundays. This will no longer be accepted in our nation. We pray they will consider moving it to Saturday where families can enjoy the sport and still worship God on Sundays. However, the team admits by churches bowing to this sport and cancelling services to adapt to the NFL’s choice of Sunday, that this has become an idol to our nation and we must repent to God. God does not like anything before Him and we have placed sports in front of him.

The reason we are using football as the catalyst for our position of sports worship is due to the blatant disrespect by the players for God and the nation. This game (Superbowl) is intended to be family time and a day of unification of the nation to enjoy the sport of football. However, the players choose to disrespect the nation and all the families by bowing a knee. We are in protest of this action.

Please join us Sunday, February 4th at 5:30 p.m. CST on and protest this event. We are also on Facebook at Please check out our website at

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